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General Seminar Information

Suggested balanced general schedule

We of course will follow the schedule that works best for your organization. But many customers find that short, half-day seminars allow for concurrent training on new ideas and work on existing projects. We suggest the following as a general schedule:

Time Activity
9:30 AM Registration.
10:00 AM First morning session.
10:45 AM Second morning session.
11:30 AM Lunch.
12:30 PM First afternoon session.
1:15 PM Second afternoon session.
2:00 PM Post session discussions and demonstrations.

This generally allows staff enough time to access email and make a few phone calls before class starts and still get in a half-day's worth of work after class finishes. But we can modify the above schedule for shorter or longer training sessions as needed.

Class format

Sessions are lectures with in-class exercises and demonstrations. Usually the first morning and afternoon sessions are for lecture, while the second sessions are for exercises that reinforce learning objectives.

Student materials

All students receive a note book with a hard copy of the presentation slides and other notes (if any). All materials are provided: pen and pencil, notepads, and so on. We prepare the class such that students who merely show up and participate have everything necessary to be fully successful.


Our list price fee structure varies depending on the total seminar length and number of students. For budgetary purposes, use a figure of $25-30 per education hour per student. Note an education hour is fifty minutes of instruction with a ten minute break.

These fees assume the use of an on-site training facility, such as a conference room with data projector, provided by the customer. Fees will be higher if renting an off-site facility becomes necessary. Inquire for our detailed fee schedule.

Free pilot course for qualified organizations

Got a group of about six to eighteen people interested in one of our standard seminar topics? Wondering if a particular topic will bring the business benefit anticipated? We will be glad to present a sixty to ninety minute pilot course at no charge for qualified customers. Expenses for student materials, if any, will be assessed. Please contact us to book a free session on a space available basis.

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