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Free Pilot Course For Qualified Organizations

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Encouraging education partnerships

Education is a positive sum game. Training provides higher productivity due to improved output and reduced expenses due to time saved. Businesses which invest in training experience profit growth as a result.

But for this to happen, there first has to be a multi-party partnership. The organization, instructor, and students must be committed to achieving success though education.

To encourage these partnerships, we offer a simple "try before buy" approach to forging this partnership. For any qualified organization, we will run a sixty to ninety minute pilot course at no charge. This way, all parties actively participate in making the course a success.

Qualifying attributes

Do the following attributes describe your organization?

If the answer is yes, this describes us, let's arrange for a sample seminar.

Pilot course topics

For this pilot course, choose any topic from those in our standard repertoire. Additionally, we will consider developing a custom seminar that has general appeal to a wider audience.

Let's schedule now!

Interested in running a free sample seminar? Please contact us now for further details.

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