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Technology Management

The global recession means one thing: everyone expects more out of technology, be it for internal projects or product development. Even if budgets are cut. Is there any escape from this madness?

Fortunately, yes. Projects that increase access, economy, and usefulness are thriving. And new technologies (such as cloud computing, remote desktops, mobile apps, and virtualization) can reduce deployment and operation costs.

Although the benefits are real, these projects have a drawback: they introduce change. While sometimes we fear change, managed change is necessary for a successful deployment. Even in a recession.

Offer available to a select few

Left Brained Geeks offers technical project management, essentially a CIO on Call, to support both internal (use in-house) and external (for sale to customers) development. This can be management help, development help, or the full spectrum of both.

Not everyone needs this type of service. Will it benefit you? Yes, if the you meet some criteria:

Lots of conditions, true. But if there is a strong correlation, technical project management can help, and has helped others.

Executive assessment: start here

Have we caught your interest? Good. Let's discuss your development needs. What type of changes are needed? What technology is necessary for keeping the project healthy? How will tech needs change over time? And most important, how do these changes impact people: customers and employees?

We'll need about an hour to gather data for an executive level assessment. Following this, we'll provide a proposal for going forward.

For smaller projects, the proposal will consider the entire project: statement of work, schedule, budget. For larger, the proposal will consider the project's necessary stages.

Like the proposal you receive? Great! We'll be glad to start right away. But if not, use the data at no charge.

Improved technology is a phone call away

If the prospect of using technology efficiently sounds wonderful but starting seems painful, let us help! Call or send us email today!

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