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Turn Your Tech Dream Into Reality

Two billion people will enter the market in two years. Are you ready?

Technology Management

The number of computer users on the planet will double in two to five years. Unfortunately, only new products and services will appeal to them.

Why? Because this time it's different. Now most computer users own a computer. But soon, most will own a tablet or smart phone. And instead of spending hundreds of dollars on equipment or software, these new customers will want to spend tens of dollars per month.

This doesn't mean traditional markets are going away any time soon. But those who seed this growing market will reap rewards when the harvest comes.

Professional development for resale trades

We have dozens of years of experience developing technology products for resale. In all phases: architecture, design, implementation, and testing. And extensive marketing, pre-sales engineering, and post-sales consulting experience as well. We can apply this solid experience towards development of your idea.

We offer a complete partner network. Shorter-term, spot delivery services are completed locally. Longer-term, continual delivery services are performed when and where it is most financially efficient. Plus we have the tools necessary to keep the entire team communicating throughout all phases of development.

Multi-discipline expertise crosses traditional development limitations

Our skills inventory is truly multi-disciplinary, including both hardware and software teams. Need a custom circuit, on-board firmware to drive it, a device driver to support on an operating system, and a client application to make the end user experience delightful? We've got skilled engineers for that.

We accomplish multi-discipline development via team modularity, interface design, and parallel development. Small teams focus on manageable portions of work. Inter-team tasking is defined first and updated throughout development. Finally each team can work independently, so temporary stalls on one team do not hinder the progress of others.

Submit your product concept for evaluation

If you're a solopreneuer, partnership, corporation, or other entity, we offer a complimentary evaluation of your product concept. We provide written statements of work and preliminary budget estimates at no charge.

If selling to the planet's next billion customers appeals to you, call or send us email now. We'll be glad to help!

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