Thesis Projects, Spring 2009:  

Thesis Projects, Spring 2009


This course is for all GITC students working on thesis projects during the Spring, 2009 semester. Class sessions will have two parts: a formal lecture discussing the mechanics of a thesis chapter, and an informal question and answer session for students to get hands-on project help.


Students should be assigned a diploma thesis project prior to enrolling in the course.

Course Objectives

  • Define the purpose and role of a thesis paper.
  • Discuss an outline for each thesis chapter.
  • Provide "check point" homework assignments.
  • Assist with manuscript preparation.
  • Offer a forum for real-time project consultation.

Course Outline

Publication Schedule

Be sure to comply with the thesis milestones and publish drafts on time.

Grading Standard

This document explains how thesis papers and projects will be graded.

Supplemental Material



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