Oracle XE Database Programming


This course is adapted from the official Oracle XE training material. We expanded the two day course for experienced programmers into a five day, forty hour course for introductory level students.


Students should complete or be concurrently enrolled in an introductory database course. Students should also complete one programming course.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course, students should understand the following concepts from an Oracle specific perspective:

  • Basic relational database theory.
  • Stuctured Query Language (SQL) Data Definition Language statements: CREATE, DROP, ALTER.
  • SQL Data Manipulation Language statements: INSERT, SELECT, UPDATE.
  • Stored procedure and trigger concepts.
  • Cursor and variable declaration and use.
  • Anonymous blocks, functions and procedures, packages, and triggers.
  • Application of blocks to programming constructs.
  • Control structures.
  • Exception handling.
  • Mapping object oriented concepts to PL/SQL.
  • Programming with all four blocks in lab exercises.

Course Outline

We followed the official Oracle XE (eXpress Edition) course in this class. XE is the free version of Oracle. The main documentation web page is at:

We used the following course sections from the 2 Day Developer course:

  • Section 3, SQL
  • Section 4, PL-SQL
  • Section 5, Procedures and Functions
  • Section 6, Packages
  • Section 7, Triggers

Supplemental Material

There were several course exercises. Solutions are in the Oracle folder on the shared drive. So is XE software for both Linux and Windows.


We installed the database server on the same system used for the Linux course. We installed client software on systems used by students to complete assignments.

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