Java Programming:  

Java Programming


This course was adapted from a four day Java programming course for professional programmers moving from another language to Java. We condensed the curriculum to two days for the GITC.


Students should complete an introduction to programming course prior to starting this course.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, students can perform simple command-line oriented programming tasks in Java:

  • The Java virtual machine environment.
  • Program structure: main(), initialization, import, CLASSPATH.
  • Primitive types: discrete, real, boolean, operators, casting.
  • Reference types: arrays, interfaces, classes, primitive objects.
  • Variables and arrays: definition, components, initialization, final and static.
  • Expressions: relational, integer, floating point, widening, narrowing.
  • Statements: simple, block, declaration, if, switch, while, for.
  • Strings: java.lang.string, operations, casting, conversion.
  • OO Concepts: encapsulation, inheritance, data abstraction, information hiding, polymorphism.
  • Java constructs supporting OO.
  • Object life cycle: construction, finalize, dispose.
  • Command line parameters: arguments to main, counting parameters, accessing parameters, shell escape sequences.

Course Outline

This is the actual outline used during the course. We covered Topic 1, Java and Command Line Environments, in detail.


We used JCreator Light Edition as our development environment. Classic Version 2.5 is ideally suited for beginners and consumes little system resources.

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