Left Brained Geeks

Gyumri Information Technologies Center

About the GITC - LBG Partnership

Technical Education For Rural Development

Left Brained Geeks (LBG) has formed a partnership with the Gyumri Information Technologies Center (GITC), a scientific and educational foundation located in the Shirak Marz of the Republic of Armenia. The GITC serves an area with an average 30-40% unemployment rate, bringing IT education to students in a developing country.

These courses have been adapted specifically for the GITC's use. They are copyrighted by a principal of LBG, but a license has been extended to the GITC faculty, staff, and students. The GITC has received both the course material and license at no cost to them.

We are interested in partnering with other educational institutions, especially those in disadvantaged or developing regions. Responsible parties may contact us for information about further involvement.

Copyright ©2006-2012, Left Brained Geeks. All Rights Reserved. License for reproduction, derivative works, internal commercial, and external non-commercial use granted to GITC faculty, staff, and students.